Charity Meals

The Felix Project

Every Thursday we have been preparing vegan lunch boxes for the Covent Garden Community Centre @Seven Dials Club charity. As we go into winter, we believe that it is important to think about and help the homeless on our doorstep here in Central London. It’s heart-breaking to see the makeshift temporary beds in shop entrances and around London, where a lot of the homeless try to sleep.

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And every Friday, our chefs and staff prepare between 250 to 500 vegan lunch boxes which are collected by The Felix Project, a charity that provides good food for good causes, at our sister restaurant Liban Tapas in South Woodford, which are then distributed to the elderly and care homes around London. Every bit of help matters, and we ask for your support wherever you are able to give it this winter, as this year is a particularly difficult year for everyone.

Thank you!

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Meals For The NHS

Meals for NHS

As we move into Week 6 of the coronavirus lockdown , here at Lazeez we have been doing our bit to help frontline workers in the NHS and charities who are helping to feed to less fortunate in our society, by preparing 500 to 1,000 meals a week and delivering them four to five times per week.

We are working with Sovereign Partners who are providing us with sustainable packaging as well as the NHS and The Felix Project.

Our chefs prepare Halal Lebanese meals consisting of three options: Lebanese rice and mixed vegetables with our own special sauce or chickpeas with fresh herbs and tomatoes or Lebanese rice with grilled chicken and our special sauce. All our rice is gluten free.